My name is Justin Nicikowski.

I am a wanderer on the path of self-actualization.

My journey began when I first started training in the discipline and art of Parkour.

Parkour was the spark that lit my insatiable appetite for strength, knowledge, and truth.

It led me to study other subjects such as fitness, nutrition, philosophy, psychology, and sociology. In doing so I have not only became a better Traceur (a practitioner of Parkour), but a more well-rounded human being.

I have been doing Parkour for over six years, and through those years I have constantly faced fear, doubt, death, and victory.

This has caused me to gain more insight towards life and training, and to mature more as a person. Of course, I still have a long journey ahead of me, but who doesn’t?

I started this website in order to have an outlet for my intellectual and creative thoughts, to teach people how to harness and strengthen their reasoning and creative faculties, to teach people about what I’ve learned from my experiences doing Parkour, and to have an opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded people.