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  • Author: Justin Nicikowski

Conquer The Concrete

  Concrete. Cold. Hard. Unforgiving. Stoic. The concrete is all around you. It surrounds you. It is all-seeing. Beneath your feet, it sees your life story, the way you walk on it, the ways you traverse on it. Not much can crack the concrete. Heat, cold, rain, snow, all fall short of scathing the concrete….

Dull without Danger

I. Introduction Life just seems so dull at times. It’s because “Soyciety” can make one too complacent if they are not careful. There’s no real urgency, no tension there. No skin in the game. When I feel the clutches of soyciety grab for my legs and attempt to drag me down into its crab bucket…

The Aspects of Fitness

I. Introduction For ages I have been wanting to write on the foundations/elements of fitness an effort to ensure that people structure their training regimens based upon versatility and efficiency. And rightly so, is the timing to do such a thing. I have casually glanced at several articles that attempt to cover these aspects, and…