Conquer The Concrete







The concrete is all around you. It surrounds you. It is all-seeing. Beneath your feet, it sees your life story, the way you walk on it, the ways you traverse on it.

Not much can crack the concrete. Heat, cold, rain, snow, all fall short of scathing the concrete. Tremendous amounts of force is needed for it to break, and even then it doesn’t go down easily.

As a Man, as a Traceur, strive to best the concrete. Do this and nothing shall break you, not even legions upon legions marching upon you.

“How does one best the concrete?”

You familiarize yourself with it. You face it. Battle it. Develop a more intrinsic understanding of its strengths. Feel its impact as you land on it. Your body must become shocked in order to become resilient.

Day by day, your campaign against the concrete will start making more and more headway. Its blows will feel dampened by your newfound strength and resiliency. You will begin to gain some of its attributes.


Should you plateau or become completely complacent in your campaign, you shall begin to soften, to rot.

Concrete doesn’t get soft. It is a constant of strength. You are but a man, a mere mortal. The only way to be a constant of strength is to constantly be attaining strength. You cannot overcome your rank if you do not put in the work, the prolonged bloodshed and chaos of training.

The mind, body, and spirit are inseparable. The mind is the bridge between the body and the spirit. If the bridge is made of wood, then it is limited in its strength, and what it can transfer back and forth. But craft it out of concrete and steel, and there shall never crack from relenting pressure.

Concrete will break your rigid, wooden mind, and transfer to it some of its own attributes. Then after a while, your mind will also become steeled, strong and flexible, even stronger than concrete.

Then you shall realize that every obstacle life throws your way shall crumble upon impact. Because they are concrete. And you are more than concrete.


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